Now that I am freshly home from Seminar... time to send this along. (only a few days late.. ops) For those who have attended Seminar, you are familiar with the life of its own that the event takes on… including providing those attending a perfect opportunity to ‘step off the world’ and live in a parallel time. (for me.. no news programs… oh what.. oh what was happening in the world?.. I guess it would be fair to say, I did not miss much… because the stories are being regurgitated over and over…. )
I find the stepping off the world and stepping into the world of Seminar to be relaxing, although tiring .. but in a good way. There is also the renewed excitement for stitching, not only to complete the pieces started at Seminar but my many works in progress.

I was surprised to see that many of the classrooms did not have screens on the windows. Amazingly there were no flying creatures that came in. However… on the first day of class one of the ladies placed some of the instructional pages on the window ledge and the wind blew them out onto the rooftop patio below… where a Mother Goose was sitting on her nest. (I wonder if anyone saw the pages.. or did Mother Goose add them to the ‘fabric’ of her nest?)… but… those pages are not all that went flying out windows on the winds of Winnipeg…  on the same day, in a different room, (still overlooking the same patio) one stitcher in Gale Washington’s class lost her entire kit of threads! There was a good ending to this, one of the university staff accompanied her down to the access to the patio and went out to retrieve the bag with all the threads.  The attached photo show the Mother Goose and the bag of threads just waiting for retrieval.

A new feature this year were the two ‘Stitching with the Stars’ evenings. I attended the first one and enjoyed hearing how both Alison Cole and Gale Washington got to where they are in their stitching lives.

Most, if not all, left Seminar with more work to be done on their pieces. (there were a few in Janice Routley’s ‘Trees of the North’ class who were able to complete one piece during the two days of the class.. imagine leaving Seminar with a piece Finished!!) Most of us come home with a fair bit of work remaining.. and the challenge is to stay focused and keep stitching to completion. 

How many of you have no unfinished pieces from previous Seminars? Why not share with the rest of us how you keep yourself focused.

All for now…  Happy Stitching
Marie Cron


  1. Nice to have met you at Seminar Marie. Great photo of the goose. I had only been to one Seminar before and was so excited and inspired that I finished up my pieces right away. Hope to do the same this time around as well :)


  2. As our class Angel Marie was always there to lend a helping hand. Thanks Marie. Also a special Thank you to Janice R for such a wonderful class. Everyone seemed to love the class.- Oh and those chocolates that Jenny brought were very tasty.


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