It's been about two weeks since Seminar in Winnipeg and I have quickly gotten back into the routine of work. It now feels like I was never away. However, I did have a wonderful time. Every year I can't wait to get there and by Saturday, I can't wait to get home. It is very intense and staying up late most nights and chatting with all my friends isn't conducive to getting rest. However, it is so totally different from my job that I come back refreshed, even if I am tired when I go back to work.

This year, I took "Off the Beaten Path" with Carolyn Mitchell. Two days of canvaswork was very enjoyable and rewarding. I love working all the different stitches in this piece and can't wait to see it completed. I also took "Try a Little TLC" with Janice Routley and learning how to take care of embroideries and how to store them safely was really great. Some of the class brought old embroideries and we discussed if they should be cleaned or fixed, how to clean them, and how to store them. My last two days were spent working the "Goldwork Lion" with Tanja Berlin. This was the piece that prevented me from taking Gail Washington's "Waterfall", a four day class. I really wanted the Lion and I'm glad I took this class. Even half finished, the Lion is absolutely gorgeous.

I always enjoy the banquet on Saturday night. It's a time to start winding down and seeing who won the Leonida Leatherdale Award and the Seminar Theme Award. Because this was EAC's 40th anniversary Seminar, Carolyn Mitchell did a wonderful presentation of the Members' Exhibits from past Seminars.

I was sitting at the back of the banquet hall and was watching the presentation between two pillars. One of the pieces caught my eye and I was wondering where I'd seen that embroidery before. I looked at it more closely and it suddenly dawned on me that it was my Bamboo Challenge Dragon from the Members' Exhibit at Seminar 2008 in Kelowna. I was so excited and couldn't believe my eyes. So, I bought the presentation DVD. Thank you, Carolyn, for donating the proceeds from the sale of the DVDs to benefit our Youth members.

The Seminar Committee provided a wonderful, memorable Seminar and I thank them for all their hard work and creativity. I think this Seminar will go down in EAC history as one of the best!

Linda Brenner

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  1. Seminar was great wasn't it Linda? A wonderful way to celebrate our 40 th anniversary. I really enjoyed the presentation of seminars over the years that Carolyn Mitchell did. I was struck by the diversity of the work even at early seminars . Still, for me, the renewing of friendships and the making new ones is an added bonus to the great learning opportunities.


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