Life goes on.   Now that our 40th-Anniversary Seminar has concluded, WEG – the founding and host chapter – seems to be getting back to normal.

Seminar was full of fun and exciting activity.  As we look back over some of the pictures of the week and discuss the various events, everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves.  I am so pleased!

Last week at our June WEG meeting, casual conversation among those who attended Seminar as both participants and volunteers, was all about the things we did, the fun we had, and the people we met. Every Seminar brings different experiences and this Seminar was no exception. Some of our Guild members attended for the first time. Without exception they enjoyed their classes, loved their teachers, and connected with so many stitchers with similar – and different! – interests.

It is also interesting to note that we are all now moving forward.  Plans are underway for a Fall Retreat and talk has turned to Guild workshops and events for the coming year.   While Seminar planning was a big part of our lives over the last year, I wondered what it would be like to put it behind us.  There is still wrap-up work to attend to and these activities continue, but one of the most amusing after-effects of Seminar noticed by our planning committee members is the lack of daily e-mails.  On one notable day as Seminar fast approached, these escalated to more than 50!  Now they are down to a mere trickle; some days there are none!  Whew!

One of the highlights of our "Branching Out" Seminar was the Commemorative Gift of personalized scissors which were provided to each paid participant.   As a special treat to wrap up our 40th-Anniversary celebration, I would like to give away one pair of these special scissors complete with its "ruby" fob. 

If you are an EAC member who was unable to attend Seminar, or if would like to nominate a fellow Guild member who was unable to attend to win a pair, please send me the complete name along with Your name.  All names will be entered into a draw to be made on July 1st.   Good luck!

Happy Anniversary EAC!  Here's to the next 40 years!



  1. Seminar was a great time Winnipeg, know that all your hard work was really appreciated. I love my scissors and they are a wonderful reminder of this occasion.

  2. Seminar was great.. and it was evident that a lot of thought went into the many details that made the whole...
    I love the scissors, they are, as Sue said, a wonderful reminder of the occasion. Thanks to you and all the members of the Winnipeg Chapter who put so much into making this a memorable experience for all. and... the courses were great as well!

  3. We had lots of entries submitted for a chance to win the Commemorative Scissors. It was great to read the interesting stories and comments on the Seminar. We have a winner to announce this morning.

    GONDA VISSER The Lady's Slipper Needle Arts Guild. CONGRADULATIONS


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