Oh, how I admire those single-minded stitchers who start one project and do not stray from that project until it is finished.

I’m the stitcher who has a project on the go for all occasions.  Sitting in a waiting room, or in the car, or at an airport, I have canvaswork Christmas ornaments to work on.  At the present, they are from Sisters and Friends by Carolyn Mitchell.

Going to a chapter meeting or stitching on the deck, I can have something that involves more bits and pieces, but still allows me to visit.  ATC’s and postcards are what I have for these occasions.

For stitching without distraction at home I usually have a bigger, more involved project.  At the moment, this is my Seminar piece, Branching Out by Alison Cole.  I usually stitch on this while watching TV as well.

The deadline projects, of course, sometimes interfere with this system.  Then, of course, I have not learned to resist the challenge projects!  Currently, I am taking part in a leaf challenge with some friends.  So far, my leaf is still a design in my head.  I’m hoping to keep it that way until I have finished the postcard for the postcard group. www.justpostcards.wordpress.com

I also like time to play and create with my sewing and felting machines.  In the summer, when it is really hot, I retreat to my studio and stitch away in the cool.

Yes, I do finish projects; this year, all of them!  This has been an exercise in restraint for me, but it is working.  I made a New Year Resolution to finish everything I start this year.

Now, I need to finish a few more items so I can start the ones that are calling my name…

Sue Thomas

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  1. I like to have a few projects on the go as well. Looking forward to seeing your leaf postcard. Hope you're having a marvelous summer Sue.


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