So many times the blog entries have focused on friendships we make as we gather with others who share our passion for the NeedleArts. A relationship that begins as fellow members of our Chapter becomes a friendship fostered by our shared interests. In addition to sharing interests, we also celebrated when good fortune knocked on the door, one such occasion was when Nicole won a project case on wheels, we soon learned to recognize the sound of the wheels as Nicole arrived each Tuesday.

Many folks will recall Nicole from her work with the Registration committee for Seminar 2011 which was held in Sackville, NB; and others will recall her from shared classes, either at Seminar in Sackville 2011 or closer to home.

Nicole had a quick and ready smile and was warm and welcoming to new members. When we met each Tuesday, Nicole frequently shared stories of her life growing up in Northwest Quebec in a large, very close family, her husband, children and their activities.

She particularly enjoyed her summers at the family cottage, and looked forward to the end of June when she would once again make the journey home to share time with her mother, siblings and their families.

Nicole was a teacher during her working years, and she used those skills to generously share her knowledge of various techniques with the rest of us. Nicole was a fabulous mentor – patient, positive and generous with her time in assisting others. One member of our Guild recalls many years ago Nicole introduced her to Needlework, and she embarked on an ambitious project for her parents anniversary. As the work progressed under Nicole’s watchful eye, she soon learned that the project would take much longer than anticipated, Nicole could not let one mistake pass and there were many occasions when reverse stitching occurred! When it was finally finished (5 years later) it occupied a place of pride in her parents’ home, and now close to 40 years later is in her home awaiting a move to a permanent home with one of her sons.

In addition to the amazing Needlework, Nicole also did oil painting and she was a Master baker; she took delight in preparing many favourite dishes for her family, and who will soon forget that she did Not like peas! (whenever we went out to eat after our stitch-ins, she always ensured that she told the wait staff ‘no peas’). We will cherish these memories and so many more.

Cherish the time with friends, no one knows how fleeting those times can be.



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