A perfect way to spend the day with like minded folks. 

Members of Alderney Needlearts Guild received the information regarding the Needlework Show that the members of the Marigold Guild of Needle Arts have on display in Truro. This called for a ‘road trip’. We try to get several in during the good weather months. Tuesday July 23rd was the day for this. There were eight of us who made the trip. It was certainly well worth the drive.

We went through, looking at the many works on display; then we went back comparing the different pieces that were done from the same pattern, but in different threads, or framed differently. All types of needlework were represented and there was variety in sizes.

There were several show cases with smaller pieces, benches with cushions, a chair seat, and on.. and  on. The work is representative of group projects as well as individual pieces members did on their own, as well as projects from Embroidery Canada.

We have read in both Embroidery Canada as well as in the blog about the annual retreat the members of Marigold have. In one corner, there were all the pieces from the retreats over the years. Although not large in size, they were certainly not ‘small’ in terms of the work in the pieces. The variety in this category was amazing. Someone (or many) have been busy over the years coming up with projects dedicated for the retreats.

We spent a leisurely couple of hours going through… going back to look at some pieces, (and some of us straining to see the details as we were kept back from the pieces by velvet barricades). Finally it was time to move on to lunch and discussion about the many lovely works we had seen.

Unfortunately, photos were not permitted, so I can’t share any of the lovely pieces with you. However, for those who may be travelling through Truro, or who are close enough to embark on a road trip to Truro, the display is well worth the trip and time. 

Until next time, .. Happy Stitching


  1. Sounds like this is a great needlework show. I wish I lived near enough to visit it.

  2. A very nice post Marie. Sounds like it was a lovely, lovely day.


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