As I have previous shared with you, I have been rearranging my stitching and sewing supplies, (that work continues .. bit by bit ), in addition to that I have also been going through the last things I have kept from my working years along with older things from the Girl Guide side of my life. I came across a ‘Fact Sheet’ on ‘Reflective Practice’ which prompted some thoughts…

‘Reflective Practice’.. how many times did I hear that phrase during my working years? Who knows… it is a required component of Nursing practice… but …. it is not restricted to Nursing… we All do it, in All arenas of our lives… and in some we are much more critical of our work than in others.

How many times have we compared something we have baked from a recipe given to us.. and decided it was not quite as good…. and we checked to determine what brand of flour or butter or other ingredient was used so we could use the same brand.. so ours would be as good as our friend’s?

When it comes to our needlework, I think this is the arena we are The Most critical of our own work..  stop and think of the last time you worked the same piece as your friends/Chapter colleagues… and you nit picked your own piece to within an inch of its life… a stray thread there (well it Is there.. must be your eyes that you can’t see it without a high powered microscope).. oh no, my stitch line is not evenly worked… (again back to the microscope for checking)… in fact, some folks do not frame their works or even finish them because they deem the work to be less than satisfactory for viewing by others.

Now I am not making a case for loosey goosey work in any of the arenas of our lives… that could easily lead to a slippery slope of anything is good enough, and we know that is not so. (and if we tried to rationalize That.. well can you just imagine the discussions we would be having with ourselves and others on That philosophy of work!)

However, there has to be a balance between accepting our best… which in truth is rather well executed.. and Not comparing our work to the same work done by another in response to a visual image.

As Lisa mentioned in her blog post last week, September is the start of a ‘new year’ for many areas of our lives from children returning to school for a new year to the many groups we belong to starting up again after the summer hiatus.  New year, new beginnings, special events, new projects, celebrations. What are the ‘new’ items in your life as we begin this ‘new year’?

Until the next time, Happy Stitching

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  1. September is a time of new starts for me, as well. I think it goes back to starting school (many...many years ago) or simply the fact that I love fall. I've been sorting through my quilting/stitching supplies and it's been taking far too long. I realized, after reading your post, that I've been seeing everything through that "microscope". Thanks for the valuable advice.


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