I received some fantastic news this past weekend and I want to share that news with my stitching friends.

My son, Devin, has been with the most wonderful young woman for the past few years. This past weekend he proposed to Deja and gave her the most beautiful engagement ring. Deja has become part of our family over the years and we are all thrilled that it is now official. I hope and pray that their life together will be as enriched and full as mine. I am fortunate to have Deja as my daughter.

I also wanted to list some of the people in my life that have made it enriched and full. With Thanksgiving coming up so quickly, I thought this would be the best time.

To my husband, Bruce, of 42 1/2 years. He has been a rock for me to lean against, my best friend and the best companion I could have on life's journey. He has supported my enthusiasm for stitching and is always ready to critique my work and help with solutions when the design isn't working. I couldn't be where I am today without him.

To my two wonderful sons, Jeremy and Devin. They have brought laughter and love. Sometimes I think I've learned more from them than I taught. I can't conceive of my life without them. I thank God every day for letting me raise them and be their mother.

Finally, to all my stitching friends. You have all given me ideas to stitch, laughter and fun. At the annual Seminars, I have improved my embroidery skills, renewed my enthusiasm and received memories to savour throughout the years. I think I would have abandoned embroidery a long time ago if it wasn't for the passion I see in each of you. Thank you all.

Linda Brenner


  1. What Wonderful news Linda! Thanks for sharing with us. (Of course this was expected.. but the 'when' was the part missing.)
    You have enriched the lives of all you have touched.... your enthusiasm and passion for your stitching re-invigorates others. Thanks for sharing your designs through your Chapter newsletter and EC. We all have a lot to be thankful for.. and not just at this time of year.
    Happy Stitching

  2. Congratulations Linda! A daughter-in-law is a special blessing!


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