This week, I have three things to tell you about.  You may already be familiar with one or all; if so, that’s good!

First, EAC now has a cyber chapter called EAC Virtual Threads.  It runs like a regular chapter but everything is done online.  The chapter is just getting going so everything is very new to all of us.  The plan is to have challenges, workshops, projects, and discussion groups (like regular chapters).  The membership fee is $10.00, and if you would like to join EAC Virtual Threads, please send a cheque or money order to its membership coordinator, Dianna Thorne, whose address can be found in the back of EC Magazine under Treasurer.  Currently, there are about 85 members.

Second, the EAC board is planning two online auctions for 2014, one of which will be in January, and the other in June.  We are asking the membership for donations of needlework or related items for these auctions.  Our plan is to have eight to ten items of various prices for each auction. If you would like to donate a finished piece, a kit, a pattern, or a needlework book please contact me for details (Sue Thomas – and my address is in the back of EC Magazine under Past President).  All funds raised from these auctions will go to the Memorial Scholarship Fund.

And last, but not least, I’d like to recommend a favourite book: Zen and the Art of Needlecraf by Sandra Detrixhe.  I first read about this book in Inspirations Magazine, and Carole Van Die of Books for You got it for me.  It explores the reasons why we stitch and why we stitch at different times in our lives.  Specifically, it looks at how to employ beginner’s mind with every new project, the Zen philosophy behind gifts, and the sisterhood of stitching, knitting, or quilting groups.  I pick this book up frequently to reacquaint myself with this way of thinking about stitching.  Try it; I think you’ll like it, too.

Sue Thomas


  1. Thanks for sharing that with us. Great news.

  2. Hi Sue - Thank you for the book recommendation. I have just ordered it from Amazon and can't wait for it to arrive.


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