Thanks to everyone who applied for the Seminar 2014 Scholarship.

Before I announce the winner, as the EAC Officer in charge of Seminar Scholarship selection, I thought I would share with you the process the applications go through in order to make the final decision.

1.       EAC appoints two Judges. These must be EAC members in good standing who will not be applying for the scholarship or who do not qualify for it. They can be from a member Guild, a National member, or a Cyber Chapter member. This year we choose one judge from the East and one from the West.

2.       A number is assigned to each application.

3.       A photocopy is made of each application and all identifying information is removed so that the Judges cannot recognize the applicant. All applications are judged "blindly".

4.       Each Judge then reads all applications and assigns each a score between 1 and 10. In this way the Judges identify their #1 and #2 candidates.

5.       The judges send their decisions to the Vice-President. If they agree on the #1 choice, the decision is clear. If there is a discrepancy, the Vice-President refers the selection back to the two judges together with all relevant correspondence and reasons for the decision and asks the Judges to re-read all relevant material and reassess the leading applications with a goal of arriving at consensus. Choices are again forwarded to the Vice-President. At this point, if the Judges cannot agree on the #1 candidate, the Vice-President casts the deciding vote between the two #1 choices.

This year we had 11 applications for A Stitching Symphony, the Ottawa 2014 Seminar. They were all worthy candidates, which made the final decision difficult but a winner was chosen. I am happy to report that the judges did arrive at consensus; a deciding vote by the Vice-President was not required.
It is my pleasure to announce that this year’s winner – Arlene Chanel of the Winnipeg Embroiderers' Guild. Congratulations, Arlene!

To all those who took the time to apply for the Seminar 2014 Scholarship, thank you for supporting EAC and we hope you will apply again in the future.

Beryl Burnett


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