I had last week off work (vacation, yea!) and I enjoyed myself immensely. I had time to work in my sewing room and did a little reorganizing. It seems that no matter how much organizing I do, after a few months, I need to do more. I didn't have time to do all I wanted to do with the reorganizing, but at least I was able to start and get some of it done. After all, I only had one week off. The rest of the reorganizing will have to wait until after the New Year when I will retire. I can hardly wait. Now I just have to make sure that I don't plan too much into my first few months of retirement.

I also worked on Christmas presents. I am making ornaments for my new daughter-in-law's family. Each family will get six ornaments. I am making a snowman out of beads, a beaded frog, a little crocheted stocking, and three cross-stitched ornaments (don't know what designs yet).

I almost finished my ornaments for the EAC Ornament Exchange and the Virtual Threads exchange. I got all the stitching done and the ornaments put together and only sewing on the braid around the outside remained to be finished this week. They are now done and the EAC ornament is in the mail and the picture of the ornament is posted in the Virtual Threads photo album. Now I just have to complete the ornament for my chapter's exchange in early December.

I also sewed a quilted hold-all bag. I have a book about sewing Japanese style fabrics and there are three patterns for bags. I had some Japanese fabrics in my quilting stash and I sewed the biggest bag. It turned out very nice, so I gave the sample to Deja to see if she wants one made for each of her bridesmaids to use on "the day". She is meeting with her bridesmaids to decide on their dresses for the wedding and she will see if they all want one.

I also spent one day and did nothing but read. I didn't even change out of my pyjamas. I just curled up in a comfy chair with my bathrobe over my pyjamas and re-read The Lord of the Rings. It was heavenly.

Now I just have to get through the next month and a half and every day can be a vacation day!

Linda Brenner

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  1. and.. there is Not a doubt that you will not be 'bored' !
    You will enjoy the time.. and with the wedding to prepare for, in addition to completing the reorganization of your sewing room... you will find that the time will go as quickly when you are retired as it does now..... time to start the count down....


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