I knew the Guild Christmas Gathering was scheduled!  I knew that I needed a stitched gift for the gift exchange!  I knew that I had bought a kit for an ornament so I would be ready!  I knew all these things but it made no difference – the clock was ticking and the gift was no closer to completion.  But it is amazing what can be done when desire, help from a very supportive family, and an amazing pattern all come together.  I had found a Mill Hill “Tiny Treasured Diamond – Beaded Kit with Treasures” at “our” stitching shop, Because You Count, in Moncton, New Brunswick, a mere two hours’ drive away and had put it away until

I found the time to stitch – which, of course, was during the past week.  The directions were exact and easy to follow and I picked up all kinds of ideas to be used when I create other ornaments.  The colours, plum and blue, while not traditionally Christmas, worked together to make an ornament that could be on display at Christmas and throughout the year.

It was intriguing to see the ornament develop – with the floss being placed first, the rondele bead being placed next, and the seed beads being placed last.

The kit promo on the front featured a “design wraps to back” banner and I kept folding the fabric, trying to envision how the ornament would look when it was stitched together, all to no avail.

But faith and good instructions prevailed and all came together to make a wonderful pillow ornament, complete with bead hanger and 3-strand bead tassel.   I was delighted when my family declared it “splendid”!  (Aren’t I lucky to have my very own cheering section?!!)  I had a whole day to enjoy my creation before wrapping it for our party, where, I am pleased to say, one of our long-time members fell heir to my gift.

All in all, I agree with the name of this ornament, a “Tiny Treasure” – it will always be a treasure in my heart, with lessons learned (and perhaps heeded!) and a lovely end product.


  1. We can all relate to this scenario... it is amazing what can be accomplished when the clock is ticking. Mill Hill kits are so lovely.. and are a good springboard for modifications. The colours work beautifully together, and it is always nice to have something that can be on display beyond the Christmas season. We are fortunate that Because You Count is close enough for a 'road trip' visit. What would we do without them.. and they are so good to us. Merry Christmas to all

  2. My son bought me one of these kits several years ago (mine is put together the same way, but the design doesn't wrap around to the back as yours does - that's a nice touch!) as my Christmas gift (he's very thoughtful and carefully picked it out himself). They work up pretty quickly and are very fun to do. Yours turned out beautifully!

  3. It is lovely - thanks for sharing your experience with the kit and how it came together. I agree with Marie, time is a great motivator.

  4. That ornament is so cute.


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