Because of the January cold, this seems to be a good “stitching and browsing the Internet” month in most of the country. While on your computer, remember to take a look at the EAC site (  Tara is always busy adding new content.

January 13-19 should see the preview of the second online EAC auction.  During this week, the items will be available for viewing, and then bidding will start on January 20.  There will be only two weeks for you to bid.  Bidding ends on February 2.  Some items have minimum (starting) bids. To make bidding easier, there is now an online payment option.  Funds raised from this auction will go towards the Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Among the items to be auctioned are some delightful hand-stitched pieces.  If you are like me, you’ll want to bid on at least one of these because each piece is special, and because you want to own a piece by this supporter of EAC.  Along with some cross stitch kits to help you while away the winter hours, there are some wonderful books you may wish to add to your library.

The dates for the auction are not absolutely firm at the time of writing, so please check frequently for up to the minute auction info!

The auction is a great way to support your EAC, and to gain a new treasure.

Happy bidding.

Sue Thomas


  1. If this one is as 'exciting' as the last one... it will make for interesting last few hours as the bidding heats up! I am glad that there is a shorter bidding time... because I am not good at waiting!

  2. Some great items for auction. Thanks to everyone for their donations and I trust EAC will do well with this and maybe even encourage folks to provide items from our vast stash as we all stash bust as we decide we are no longer going to do that type of embroidery or we have been too prolific.

    I have already bid on a couple of items and have sent word to my Calgary members to get online and check out the array of items available. Good luck to everyone bidding.


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