A few years ago our Guild, the Marigold Guild of Needle Arts had a program which featured the various pursuits, other than embroidery, in which our membership indulged.  The Program Committee presented the idea to the membership, asking that each one bring in examples of interests they had and sharing these passions with the members.  The presentation of the idea was followed up with many phone calls and much encouragement.  But my, oh my, was the effort ever worthwhile!

On the appointed night, the meeting room perimeter was dotted with tables – lots of tables!  Then members began to arrive!  I’ll never forget the lady who came staggering in carrying a rocking chair with a cane-bottomed seat she had personally woven.  Nor the member who brought a long coat rack filled with clothing she had sewn, including her wedding dress and homemade children’s clothes.  One brought in an Irish Dance dress fashioned for her granddaughter.  Another brought in tiny baby sets which she knit frequently for the preemies in the hospital.  Our president brought in the hooked rug she had designed and made for her son, showing all of his many interests.  One member grappled with how to bring in her lovely garden when it was February with piles of snow outside; she showed a photo album filled with pictures of her beautiful flower beds, all designed lovingly and creatively. 

We were treated to beadwork, story-telling, photography, crocheting, scrapbooking, web-design, painting and so much more.  Much to my dismay, I forgot my camera, as did everyone else.  So we do not have photos of this special evening.  But we have the memory of people circulating, moving from one table to another, exploring the talents on display and getting to know another side of the wonderful people who make up our Guild. 

We often get to see the fabulous embroidery executed by our members.  We get to bask in their reflected glory.  We get to tap into their expertise – for they are eager and willing to share.  But we rarely get to see the multi-faceted talented and passionate people they are in other parts of their lives.  This night of “Beyond Embroidery . . .” gave us this opportunity.  I had no idea our members were so talented in so many widely-varied and wonderful ways and how, with a bit of encouragement, they entered into this evening of sharing.  Hat’s off to our talented members!

Sheila Stewart
Marigold Guild of Needle Arts


  1. What a terrific idea and such a wonderful way to get to know more about one's fellow members.

  2. I love this idea. It certainly gives a more rounded picture of the person. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. This is such a great idea! I am sure many chapters will want to try this themselves after reading how well it went!


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