We had my son and new daughter-in-law's engagement party last weekend. It was an outstanding success. Everyone had a great time with lots of goodies to eat.

I was busy the week before cooking 15 pounds of beef brisket, 2 large pans of kugel (noodle pudding with raisins, pineapple, eggs, and apricot jam topping), 2 large batches of latkes (potato pancakes) and 2 large appetizer plates of bagels, lox and cream cheese. Deja's auntie cooked up her special beef chow mein and her mother made pasta salad, a punch bowl plus provided all the chips, dips and other appetizers. We also had a special cake with Devin and Deja's name and congratulations. Everything tasted super good and the party lasted until about 4 am.

The theme was "Peacocks". We managed to find a peacock feather mask, fan and wreath. Deja's mother is good at arranging flowers and made two vases with peacock feathers and silk flowers. There were also posters up that said "He asked" and "She said Yes". In place of a guest book, we had a poster-sized mat board with a picture of the happy couple in the middle and everyone signed with their name and best wishes around the picture. Lots of pictures were taken and they will be made into a photo book for those who want them.

Now I get a respite before I need to do the next step for the wedding. The venue is booked and includes the catering and drinks. The bride's dress has been purchased. Next step for me is taking Deja and her mom shopping for fabric for the 8 bags I'm making for the bride, 3 bridesmaids, bride's mother, bride's auntie, groom's grandmother and myself. We will all need a bag on the big day to keep extra cosmetics, shoes and sweaters available.

It's a lot of work, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. After all, we told my son that he could only get married once!

Linda Brenner

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  1. Thanks for sharing the excitement in the lead up to the 'Big Day'... when is 'the Big Day'? and you have to make sure that you take time to look after yourself during all this excitement.... Congratulations.... and Best Wishes to the happy couple.


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