For this first blog entry of the new calendar year… I thought I would share with you some of my resolutions for this calendar year. 
Oh, I am not talking about eating better, exercising or any of the usual things we associate with a New Year’s Resolution.. I am talking about my stitching resolutions.

As you know, EAC has a new cyber chapter.. Virtual Threads.
One of the initiatives has been for us to ‘register’ the UFOs we want to work on and hopefully complete in this year. We had until January 31st to post photos of the pieces that still need a few (or many) stitches and time to complete.

Of course putting it out there in a public forum for all to read… means that I am also putting myself in the position of having to be a bit more organized with the use of my time.
What pieces are close to completion… or a long way from completion… (amongst the Many I have?)   have I targeted for attention this year?

Mountmellick Takes to the Sea.. by Pam Cousins, a piece from Seminar 2011 in Sackville  NB,

Two pieces the same, in different stages of work completed…  titled ‘Haunted Houses’ which is a ‘From Nancy’s Needle’ design,  one of these is for my son’s family and the other for my niece’s family. (Little ones do need a Hallowe’en decoration in their homes).

Prairie Lily, cut work, Joyce Gill design from the Regina Seminar in 2010 (a piece that will then be made into a needlebook)

Off the Beaten Path, Carolyn Mitchell design from Seminar 2013 in Winnipeg.. as you can see there is a Lot to be done on those three to bring them to completion. .. and finally…

This is in addition to some ATCs for the last (for now at least) EAC wide exchange, and some Chapter activities with the others from Alderney Needlearts Guild.

As if that is not enough.. I have also signed up to take a cyber course offered by the cyber chapter, by Alison Cole; a group of us from the cyber chapter are going to take the Canvas Candy Bowl EAC group course, some of us have also registered for the two free cyber courses EAC is offering, and  .. as if that was not enough I am also doing the EAC  Individual Metal Thread Course.

Ops.. I had best not forget to let you know that Virtual Threads Cyber Chapter has modified the ‘rules’ for the UFO challenge.. once we complete one piece we can add another! Now if that is not motivation to get work done I don’t know what is!

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  1. I'm glad the cyber chapter is providing motivation for you Marie! It was great to see your piece of Mountmellick finished! I am also finding that my involvement with the cyber group has me more organized and productive. I am getting way more stitching done now and having more fun with it!


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