I was going to talk about my eight-year old laptop dying and the "fun" we had replacing it, but I decided I haven't talked about what I've been stitching for a long while.

In January, I started a cross-stitch over one thread project that I wanted to enter in the Members' Exhibit Viewers' Choice Award, but by the time February came, I wasn't even half finished. I had to put it aside as I had signed up for the Virtual Threads counted thread round robin and the Lavender Sparkle Butterfly cyber course taught by Alison Cole. I had to get my round robin piece ready for mailing by March 1st (made it the 10th) and I received the first piece right after I mailed mine. Luckily, I finished it and it will be mailed to the next stop next week. The Lavender Sparkle Butterfly is also going well and I'm on the third lesson. I want to finish this piece before the end of April so I can post a picture of my completed butterfly in my album on the group's site.

I signed up for the two free online courses offered by EAC; Crazy Quilting without the Patches and Wessex Embroidery. This weekend, I'm getting the supplies ready for these two classes and will start as soon as the butterfly is completed. I've already downloaded the instructions.

In between all of the above, I also managed to finish four Artist Trading Cards for the EAC exchange and designed and stitched a project for the EAC Beaded Jewellery Contest. I even managed to get them mailed before the deadline. And I finally finished the stitching on Carolyn Mitchell's Off the Beaten Path and am in the middle of framing them.

As I am a member of the American Needlepoint Guild (ANG) and the Embroiderers' Guild of America (EGA), I always look at the correspondence courses they have. I was really interested in the Zentangle course that EGA is offering and I signed up for that. It has a lot of blackwork information included in the course and I just couldn't pass it up. Luckily it doesn't start until June 2nd.

I will be making eight quilted bags for the bride, bridesmaids, mothers, auntie and grandmother for my son's wedding. After Seminar I will go fabric shopping so I have plenty of time to finish the bags. And I will be crocheting a shrug for my future daughter-in-law to wear on her big day. I'm presently looking for ivory yarn with sparkles and intend to look in Ottawa in my spare time. Thank heavens for internet search engines.

I have also been gathering together the items I'll need for my Seminar classes. I will be taking Tanja Berlin's Love Birds, Lynne Payette's Alexander Alligator and Naomi Smith's Quillwork Box Workshop. Pliers, stretcher bars, tacks, sewing kit, etc. is being collected and put into my rolling carry-on all ready for packing. I also have to take time out to purchase a new suitcase as our old one died after Seminar last year.

I hope you are enjoying your stitch projects as much as I am enjoying mine, so now that you've read this blog, get back to stitching!

Linda Brenner


  1. Linda, do you ever wonder how you had the time to work!?
    Lots to keep you busy, getting things done that you want to do.
    Perhaps we will see the cross stitch over one at Seminar in Calgary next year. Lots being offered by EAC these days... enjoy..

  2. Linda - I love hearing about all you are doing. I bet you thought retirement would give you more time? It doesn't though does it? lol Nature manages to fill up your schedule until it is once again just a bit more than you can hope to accomplish!


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