When I joined the EAC Board two years ago, I never in my wildest dreams envisioned the fun and camaraderie that is an integral part of this group.  The May Board Meeting is a time when as many Board members as possible meet “in person” to conduct the work of the Board; we spend two full days, meeting from 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon.  Sounds deadly, doesn’t it?  But it is anything but!!!

Everyone arrives early and pitches in to get the room set up to suit our needs; the chatter of people catching up and sharing is incredible.  By magic, a little pile of goodies appears at each person’s place – remembrances, many of them handmade, to make one feel special and part of the group.


Then the meeting begins and people settle into their roles.  Topics are presented, ideas are shared, discussions are lively, and decisions are made – and on occasion, when someone is especially pleased about something, a “Whoop!” accompanied by raised arms sounds in the room, lightening the atmosphere. 


Part way through the first day is that special time when incoming Board members are welcomed to their positions and receive their Board pins; this was formerly done at the November Board Meeting, but with the advent of online meetings, there will not be a face to face meeting until May 2015 – when they have been in their positions for almost a year.  This year we welcomed Marg Adey (Vice President), Nicole McReavy (Communications), and Bonnie-Lynne Ceriko (Education) as new Directors and Linda Brenner (Youth) as new Appointee.

Welcome, Nicole!

Sometimes the unexpected happens – this year Barbara Gilbert was presented with a Biscornu, stitched together by Joyce Gill from 2-inch squares embroidered by Board members in a technique and pattern chosen by the stitcher.  We were delighted to be able to surprise her with this!

Barbara with her gift

One thing that is always greeted with enthusiasm is viewing and voting on the wonderful entries in the annual Challenge, this year the Beaded Jewellery Challenge.  All entries were exquisite and it was difficult to choose a favourite – all were winners in our eyes!

Perhaps the most special, and in a way most poignant, moment comes when the outgoing President is presented with a gift from the Board members, coordinated by the Vice President.  VP Beryl Burnett conceived the idea of taking a picture and creating it in stitching.  Twelve Board members were given a section of the picture, a template, and a colour palette and asked to reproduce the section in whatever technique they chose.  Other Board members worked on other aspects – fastening the pieces onto a frame, outlining the sections with fine cord, framing, making a book to accompany the photo.  The stitched card which accompanied the book says it all, “Because you have helped us grow in ways we may still not know – Thank You!”

Joyce and Beryl with completed stitched picture

Joyce's card

How can one not be thrilled to be part of such a creative, fun-loving, caring and hard-working group?!!
Sheila Stewart
EAC Secretary


  1. I am going to miss these meetings. Sue

  2. Great post & pictures Sheila. Thanks!

  3. Sheila - wonderful post! You are right - a lot of hard work gets done at these meetings but there is also a lot of special moments and fun as well!


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