My finished maple leaf postcard for the CQT 2014 Postcard Exchange is now in the mail.  I used over a dozen different stitches:  chain, cretan, feather, spiderweb wheel, bullion, fly, seed, satin, stem, et. al.  I enjoyed doing this so much I'm making another one for myself :)

 I had another very, very fun play day with our Fibre Arts group recently. We experimented with marbling using shaving cream as our base.

We tried out different kinds of paints and here's my spot on the table using regular craft acrylic paint.

  I put down about 2 inches thick of shaving cream and smoothed it out using a disposable plastic card.

 Drippled paint on top 

 and then swirled it with a wooden skewer.  I laid my piece of cotton on top, smoothed it down, waited maybe a minute and then peeled it off.  I waited maybe a 1/2 hour or so before scraping off the shaving cream and rinsing in water.

 Here I had scraped off the previous colour swirls, added some more shaving cream, smoothed it and played with different colours and marble design.

 After rinsing I then heat set my pieces and here are a few that I did.  I used cotton, heavy interfacing, evolon and water colour paper.

These marbled cloths we had made at a previous play marbling day using a gelatin like base and paint designed for marbling from G&S Dye.  I will use all these marbled pieces to make book covers, a pincushion or two, atc's and postcards.  It was great to play and experiment and have fun.

As Albert Einstein said:  “Play is the highest form of research.”
 Hope everyone can take some time to play.

Jeannette Luther


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. They turned out beautiful. I think I will give this a try

  2. Fabulous results, Jeanette! Looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Thank you for your tutorial! I love the fabrics you dyed - your results are wonderful!

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