Do you ever have an experience 
that makes you wonder
if you have been living under a rock?!

I recently had two such experiences. (I guess I don't get out and about enough).

I am participating in the EAC Cyber Chapter scissor fob exchange and thought I would like to explore the use of larger beads to decorate the corner opposite the loop. ( I had seen an example of this in the Cyber Chapter secret stitcher album). 

so.. off to the local craft store in search of that perfect bead, or beads. What a world of beads ... Wow... far beyond the seed beads I have been using to enhance my stitching.

What a selection.. I did not know where to start (or stop either).

As you can see from the attached image, I have more than the few I was looking for! Lots of applications to explore in my future.

Having explored their web site many times, I decided to pay a visit to the embroidery shop in Boucherville, Quebec, (conveniently located off Route 20 at exit 92).

I was looking for one of their prepared pieces, ready for embroidery in one form or another... oh the selection... 

I was there close to an hour and only viewed a small selection of what they have.

In the end I settled on a couple with roses and butterflies. 

Not sure when I will get to them, but I could not leave them behind. In addition to lots of ready to stitch pieces they also carry the many different DMC threads and a wide selection of ribbons. 

and on a Very positive note, I now have stitching glasses. 

For more years than I want to admit I have been stitching with my trifocals at the tip of my nose, looking over them which means I have to really move my head up to look at others. 

....not the best for an aging neck. 

These glasses came up in conversation in one of the Cyber Chapter chats.

They are the opposite from reading glasses. The distance portion is at the very top of the frames and nothing below, so it is easy to look under the lens to stitch and it is only a matter of shifting my eyes to see those around me.  These make my stitching so much easier.

I hope your summer is going as you would wish... mine is great (now that summerlike weather has arrived)

Until the next time, happy stitching
Marie Cron


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