Ooh I thought I'd devote this blog to talk about the embroideries I've been working on and what I've finished recently since my last blog devoted to this subject. I tend to work on several things at once and in the evening while watching TV, I work on whatever seems to catch my fancy. So, here goes...

As stated in my last blog, I am involved in two Stitch-A-Longs, a Fiberluscious Six Flower Pincushion and Blackwork Journey's Save a Stitch. So far, only one flower has been provided for the pincushion and I've finished that and am waiting for the third lesson to be posted. Blackwork Journey's Save a Stitch project is coming along nicely and I've finished the first four lessons and am working on the fifth. 

(The picture shows the first lesson completed and the second lesson started.)

 Luckily, the posts for this project are up to 17 and I can move along at my own pace without waiting.

Fiberluscious Six Flower Pincushion

Recently, I finished a cross stitch picture, Lady of the Threads from Lavender and Lace. Since this project has been in the works for at least 15 years, I'm glad that one of my many UFOs is done! I have also been working periodically on another UFO, Microstitchery's Sense of Taste, adapted from a Cluny Tapestry of the same name. It's done on 40 count silk gauze using one strand of DMC embroidery floss. I love doing it, but have to admit that the frequent change of colours can be annoying.

Lady of the Threads from Lavender and Lace

I also recently finished one of the two EAC free on-line classes, Crazy Quilting without the Patches. I don't know what I'm going to do with this embroidery; giant needlebook, journal cover, etc., but I love it and found doing the embroidery so relaxing. No counting, just deciding which stitches to use and where to put the beads and charms.

Crazy Quilting without the Patches

I haven't started the Wessex Embroidery project yet, but it's definitely on the "to do" list. I also haven't started the Blackwork Zentangle Journal class I signed up for through EGA. Somehow, I just haven't had time to play with painting and until you've done that, the embroidery can't be done. One of these days...

I have also finished one of the fundraising kits for Seminar 2015, the Goldwork Pendant. I loved it so much I bought two kits at Seminar, one in each of the two colourways. Once I'd finished the pendant, I liked it so much, I decided to make earrings to match. I ordered the pearl purl and bright check purl from Tanja Berlin (the pendant is her design) and I am working on the earrings now. I'll post a picture in my next blog.

During the day, I like to take out my sewing machine for an hour or two and I was playing around with fabric to make a scissors holder in between sewing the wedding bags. I was so impressed with the finished result, that I made several and have already give a couple of them away as gifts.

Six wedding bags are done and three actually have the recipient's initials sewn on the bag in birthstone Rose Montee jewels. Even though I say so myself, they do look super.

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is enjoying having the kids back in school, except for here in BC where the teachers are on strike. Lucky kids to get an extra long summer vacation, not so lucky for parents who have to find daycare.

Until next time,

Linda Brenner


  1. Your stitching is all just wonderful Linda. I too joined up to make the Fiberluscious Pincushion but have yet to get started. Your blackwork piece looks super and I love your Crazy Quilting without the Patches piece. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. I loved reading about your works in progress Linda and congratulations on finishing a UFO of 15years. I am like you, hand stitch in the evening and play and use the machine during the day.Retirement is wonderful!!

  3. Wonderful finishes Linda - all beautiful projects!

  4. Lovely work Linda, your crazy quilting without patches is really pretty. Love the charms as well.
    It is a great feeling to complete a long time UFO.. congratulations on this.
    Perhaps this finish of yours can be a motivator for me to get over my bit of inertia that I have been harbouring lately!
    Marie Cron
    The wedding will soon be here... enjoy it and all the associated festivities.


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