As harvest nears on the prairies I've been stitching wheat lately.  For these wheat kernels I fused a few of layers of organza together and stitched them down on dyed and stamped fabric to make a fabric postcard.

 I recycled a granola bar wrapper to make these wheat kernels and again stitched them down on dyed and stamped fabric for another fabric postcard.

Playing with organza, I fused snippets of pieces down onto black felt and then stitched a row of wheat using the wheat ear stitch.

 Lazy daisy stitches for the kernels which I made into an atc.

I should have started this in July but here I'm trying my hand at some solar dyeing.  I mixed a 1/4 tsp of alum and an 1/8 tsp into this gallon jar which I 1/2 filled with warm water.  I added a piece of ready to dye cotton and some white DMC thread and filled the jar with wild goldenrod flowers.  I then topped it off with some more water.  I'm stirring it every day and will see what happens after 10 days.  It rained for a couple of days and it's been cool so I might have to wait longer than 10.

I also started a jar using marigold flowers

and a jar with dahlia flowers.  Both have a piece of white cotton fabric and white thread.  Just have to wait and see what happens now.

Have a lovely summer day everyone,
Jeannette Luther


  1. I am interested to see how the fabric and threads turn out. Lovely article. Thanks for sharing

  2. I want to see the results of your dyeing! Love your wheat stitching too.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh dear. Typo. BEAUTIFUL Post. ♡
      Note to self - do not post from cell phone. ;)


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