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As most of you know, I am an appointee on the EAC Board of Directors responsible for the youth embroiderers, those members who are 7 to 21 years of age. I keep theYouth membership list and make sure it is up to date. Four times a year, I write and mail a newsletter, Youth Embroiderers' News, which is full of stitching patterns, riddles, EAC news, news from Youth members that has been sent to me and stitching goodies. 

Usually the goody is fabric and threads, but can be anything stitching related if I have enough on hand. The issue that will be going out this month will have the instructions for Joyce Gill's Lady Slipper Mug Mat and enough felt in four colours to make four of the mats. I also act as a resource for fabric and threads to our Youth chapters. They let me know what they need and if I have it, I mail it to them for use in their programmes.

When a new Youth member joins, they are sent a New Member's package which includes a previous newsletter with goodies, a Needlework Notebook, 2-3 embroidery kits, a book showing how to do 100 stitches, six skeins of DMC embroidery floss and a Youth brochure they can give to a friend. Everything is put into a portfolio binder with their membership card.

If a Youth member answers a riddle or sends me something for the newsletter, they receive a prize. I can't express my appreciation enough for all the adult members who send me donations of fabric, threads, books, patterns, etc. for the Youth members. A special donation of card kits is being sent by Karen Dudzinski, the owner of Textured Treasures, for the next newsletter's goody.

I now have twelve boxes of donated items and am always ready to receive more. You know how it is, you want to stitch a pattern so you go to your stash and you're missing one or two items. Well, that's the way it is with the Youth goodies. I decide on a goody, go to the boxes and I don't have enough on hand. I always feel that the more I have the less often I have to change my mind about the goody I send.

I recently received one box that Beryl Burnett schlepped to the Prairie Pacific Regional Meeting (PPRM) in Qualicum Beach, BC to give to Pat Ross of the Vancouver Guild of Embroiderers'. Pat then schlepped the box and other donations from the PPRM to Vancouver. I had a wonderful time drinking tea and chatting with Pat when I picked up the donations.

I also received three boxes from a woman who saw me at the Stitch in Public Day our guild held at the White Rock Library. She was moving and downsizing and wanted to give away patterns, fabrics and threads, but didn't want to throw them out or give them to a thrift store. During my chat with her, I mentioned that EAC has a Youth program and she was absolutely thrilled that her cherished items would be used by the next generation of stitchers. 

If you have any stitching items that you don't want any more, please consider putting them aside for our Youth members. As I attend Seminar each year, send them with one of your guild members who is going and they can give them to me there and you get to save on mailing costs.

My next blog will be after my son's wedding and I'll be telling you all about it and I'll have pictures!

Linda Brenner


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