Running Stitch Circles

The Regina Stitchery Guild program for this year is to explore embroidery stitches from around the world.  September was to explore the embroidery of India and I've added circles of running stitches around a buttonhole stitched washer.  For the centre I used a piece of paisley material I had.

Along one of the sides I added this star shape and played with filling it with different stitches, ie:  stem, straight, chain, buttonhole and herringbone.

I quite liked the star design so I also put it along one of the other sides again experimenting with different thread colours and stitches ie:  chain, straight, buttonhole, stem and french knots.

At the October meeting we were to explore the embroidery of Japan by stitching a sashiko design. We were each given this indigo blue cotton 12" x 12" piece of material to which we marked a grid and added circles using a white dress maker's pencil.  This is my finished and first sashiko embroidery.  I did not do the centres correctly but was not thinking of that while I was stitching.  A few of the circles are not perfectly round either. Next time :)

I received a large envelope of candy, gum and chocolate wrappers from Carol Storie at the guild mtg and I made this landscape fabric postcard using them. Thank you Carol!  I sent it to an International Mail Art Exhibition being held in Nov. and Dec. 

I backed it using a Sun chip bag someone else at the guild meeting gave me.  Thanks Shelley :)

Also made a couple of wrapper landscape atc's.

backed with more of the Sun chip bag.

While driving on a back road we came across this beautiful large Great Grey Owl perched on a fence post.

Needless to say we were thrilled when he/she let us take some pictures before flying away.

Have a most delightful day and creative day everyone!
                         ~ Jeannette


  1. Love your creative stitching Jeannette! Really enjoyed reading your Blog. That owl was so cooperative. He would look awesome in Needlepainting, wouldn't he?
    Joyce from PEI

  2. Really enjoyed your article. That Owl looks like he is not concerned about anyone taking his picture
    Thanks for sharing

  3. You have lots of projects on the go - good for you! Love your piece from the candy wrappers!


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