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The Sixteenth Week

The Indra’s Son Exhibition

The name Indra refers to the God of Heavens in ancient Indian mythology. That is how Nicole Darieux christened the embroidery workshop that she founded in 1969.

At that period, Nicole Darieux was living in Pondicherry (India). Her husband was assuming the function of Consul of France. She took the opportunity to begin to work with young indigent women who happened to know embroidering. For her part, Nicole Darieux’s expertise was drawing and painting. Together, embroiderers and painter found out an appliquéd technique allowing the representation of ancient Indian designs.

Mrs. Darieux, through her contacts in France, organized a network of volunteers and embroidery aficionados for setting up recurring exhibitions, for selling those marvellous pieces.

Only four years later, 265 jobs had been created in India! The beneficial impact for those young women and their families was important: daycares, medical clinics, scholarship grants, etc.). Nowadays, at least 1500 people make their living from embroidery in Pondicherry. 

The design themes are multiple: murals with ancient poems; the day to day life in India; village sceneries; birds, gardens and flowers.

Magnificent pieces created by expert hands.

Son of Indra’s female workers, in India

The photo research and the translation are made by Lucie Daigneault

Editor note:  Travelogue No. 16 will appear in three posts spread out over this week. 
Please come back and visit all three parts.


  1. Very interesting reading about this workshop - beautiful pieces!

  2. Great read. Love the pictures also

  3. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.


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