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Another new year... not many days old, stretching before all of us.. what will we accomplish in the year? The possibilities are only limited by our imagination and desire to chase our goals (dreams). 

I recently read a blog by a stitching colleague in which she reviewed her 2014 goals.. and one of them is both quite simple yet addictive.... Stitch for 15 minutes each day. This will lead to more stitching. She went on to write that without such a resolution it is easy to skip days without stitching.. which leads to more non stitching days... you can see where I am going with this.

So... perhaps I Will make a resolution (or two)... and start by resolving to stitch at least 15 minutes Each and Every Day. Now that I have publicly stated this... I will have to ‘report’ back at the end of the year!

I find that this is also a time when I am most reflective, perhaps some of this comes from the packing away of all the Christmas decorations, thinking back to the many individuals who I have encountered in my years, some from work places, some from volunteer activities and some of the very old ornaments which are now over 100 years old!

I thought that it would be a shift from when we usually share Christmas ornaments if I showed you some of my collection now. 

The two framed pieces and the handsome painted fellow are my works and the others are some of the ornaments that I have acquired in exchanges or that have been gifted to me. 

Time to gather my stitching supplies and get started on catching up on my ‘missed’ stitching time for this year....

Until the next time ... perhaps you might share some of your stitching resolutions in the comments section. 

Happy Stitching

~ Marie Cron


  1. Thank you for showing us very pretty Christmas decorations. Your home's decor must be very joyful at Christmas time.

    This is a good idea taking a resolution for embroidery. For this blog I need a new resolution for following your lead Marie. Two years ago I took the resolution to wake up earlier in the morning to stitch around 2 hours a day. I'd say I've held to that resolution 80% of the time. This year's resolution will be to allow myself 2 afternoons per week for embroidery, to enjoy true daylight (instead of artificial daylight).


  2. Love your ornaments Marie - that little purse one has been on my to-do list for a long time. It is so cute! Good for you on the 15 minutes a day resolution - I just can't say enough good things about how well it works!

  3. A lovely collection of ornaments Marie. As for my stitching resolutions,I stitch for an hour each day,it may be whilst watching the evening news but it works for me. I also have promised myself to use some of the items I have been stockpiling for retirement ,because it is here!


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