EAC’s Embroidery Canada is a great resource for patterns.  In the December 2004 issue of Embroidery Canada, there was a pattern by Ellen Emanuel called Silk, Silver and Spangles .  

from December 2004 Embroidery Canada magazine

Closeup of original pattern

Anyone who knows me knows that I like colour.  So what colours did I select and how what the final stitching completed, you ask?

I looked at the design and had a 5” walnut trivet frame from Sudberry House.  This pattern used silver Pearl Purl but I found that this metal thread was covered too much with silk thread in original design.  I wanted to display and feature this metal thread so only used a single strand of thread to secure the Pearl Purl to the white 18-count canvas I used in this design.  As I planned to insert the finished stitching into the trivet frame I choose to add more borders to frame the design for the trivet.  A variegated pastel thread was used along with a solid blue.  I found some lovely beads to replace the paillettes in the original design.  I liked the finished product and I trust the recipient will enjoy this piece as well. 

Share how you completed an EAC pattern, changed it and the colours you choose.  I am sure other members will enjoy seeing how we each adapt a pattern as we get ideas on how to alter a pattern that might be more pleasing to ourselves.

Jennie Wolter, 
Calgary Guild of Needle & Fibre Arts


  1. Wonderful adaptation Jennie! I love both the original and your version of it!

  2. Beautifully stitched and colourful.


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