When asked to write a blog for the EAC website, at first I said NO! Who reads these things! Then I thought, what a great way to get the courses out to people. So here it is, the ramblings of your EAC registrar.

Many of you have taken one or more of our correspondence course over the years and know the registration process. For those who have never taken one, well , this is the blog for you!

Group courses can be taken by one student as a group of one or by a group from one of our Guilds. Registration can be by Pay-Pal, credit card or by cheque. Note that pay-Pal is much faster and will get you your course mailed out that day and to you much sooner, won’t say faster because we all know how Canada Post rolls.  OHHHH,  for the day to come when I can send you your course via email. COMING SOON!   Individual courses can be registered the same way, only remember that these courses are for individual students only and they take a year to complete.

Once I receive your registrations, I try to get them out ASAP, as I know you are waiting excitedly to get started.  As of today, I have to copy the course, print up the registration forms and welcome letters that everyone receives, notify your teacher/counselor about her student(s) and then get it all mailed.

The Education executive from EAC are now in the process of getting all the courses digitalized and once that is accomplished, courses will be sent electronically, if the student wishes to receive their course same day as registering by Pay-Pal and is confident in printing the course at home. Technology!!!! This process will take time, as it is being done by volunteers, but it will be done!

I would like to tell you a bit about taking courses. The group courses have three to six months to be completed and then the student packs up her project to be sent to her teacher for the critique. The teacher sends back the project, the letter of critiquing and of course an EAC certificate.

Individual courses are much different. The Basic course takes one year to complete and the 
Intermediate and Advanced courses are 18 months to completion.  These courses take more time and dedication because as each lesson is completed, the project has to be sent to the teacher for critiquing and then any mistakes or corrections will be sent back with the project. Students are also required to keep a binder with all of their fabulous ideas and diagrams, the beautiful threads and amazing stitches they used. At the completion of the course, the EAC Education Committee looks at the binder for critiquing and the Education Director gives the student a pin and certificate. 

When taking any of the Author Owned courses, the student needs to be aware that the teacher has these courses, not the registrar.  Once registered for one of these, I email the teacher with the name and pertinent info of the student, the teacher then mails the student the course. The critiquing is done at the completion of the project, same as group courses.
I hope that my ramblings make this process clearer to students and has inspired many to take one of our courses. Come on, sign up, I am waiting!!

Patricia Rideout – EAC Registrar

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  1. I'm glad you wrote this post Patricia. It was very informative :)


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