Winter Ornament Exchange 2014

Stitchers from across Canada could stitch a winter ornament and send it to one member who then sends them all back out to different addressees.

Final closing date of the exchange was 15 November 2014

Group/Person Coordinating - Rhonda Stagg, Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts

A total of 34 stitchers participated with a total of 50 ornaments 

When was the last time you received more letters than bills?

Over the past four months I have received mail from across Canada for the 2014 Christmas Winter Ornament Exchange and it has been wonderful. 

I received 29 envelopes in total in the mail with another five members from my Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts participating.  Due to a number of stitchers sending more than just one ornament the total number of ornaments came to 50.

The first ornament I reeceived was from Kim Beamish back in July and my last was from Sheila Stewart which had to come all the way from Nova Scotia. 

I received many different styles of needlework including canvas, hardanger, cross-stitch, blackwork, beadwork, battenburg lace and backstitch. I really wish I could’ve kept them all but on Sunday 23 November I sent them all out again to different addressees. 

A big thank you to all the stitchers who participated.  I hope you will continue to participate in the future and I hope that next year even more stitchers will join in the fun. I’ve enclosed a couple of photos so you can see some of the lovely ornaments.   

- submitted by Rhonda Stagg as a report to the EAC Board of Directors

Editors Note:  A big thanks goes out to the volunteers who help keep Exchanges and Challenges running each and every year.  If you would like to offer to "host" a challenge, or have a challenge idea, please send an email to


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