It was a beautiful Fall day in September 2014.  As usual, I was running late.  Would anyone have come join the members of the Marigold Guild of Needle Arts at the first ever Maritime Stitch-in?  As I topped the last hill, the sight that greeted me was wonderous – a parking lot full of cars and one large bus!  The First Ever Maritime Stitch-in was off to a roaring success!

As I entered the meeting place, there was a bustle of people setting up displays, organizing food treats and drinks, greeting friends old and new, and setting up stitching areas.  It was magical!

President Leslie Burrows welcomed the 42 people present – one Guild from New Brunswick and three Guilds from Nova Scotia and two guests.  The Prince Edward Island Guild had to cancel when their driver was unwell.  People introduced themselves but the name tags, hand-stitched by the owner, were most welcome!

How does one describe the display of embroidery offered to us that day?  It was truly a feast for the eyes, a lesson in creativity, and an inspiration for the soul.  Many techniques were on display and many more were worked throughout the day.

One person brought her knitting, embellished with embroidery.  What a lucky baby to receive these little socks!

Others spread their wings in less traditional ways.  One used various fibre yarns stitched into a backing to create a colourful abstract hanging.  Another felted rocks and accented them with embroidery. 

No matter in which direction I looked, people were using embroidery to create their very own masterpieces.  Whether it was Goldwork, canvas work, cross stitch, mixed media or something else, the day was filled with voices sharing their stories, their ideas, and their expertise while their hands worked tirelessly on their projects.  What a day of caring and sharing!

As we gathered on the steps for a group photo before we said our last good-byes, we unanimously agreed that this was a day well-spent.

So here we are - in 2015.  A year has passed and we are again preparing for the Maritime Stitch-in – not the First Ever, but the Second Annual, to be held September 12, 2015 at the Truro Fire Hall in Truro Nova Scotia.  May these events continue!  There is nothing like the exchange that happens when a group of stitchers get together!

Sheila Stewart

Marigold Guild of Needle Arts
Three more free patterns for your Band Sampler today!

If you are not able to view or print the patterns, you may want to try using Chrome or Explorer as your browser.  Also you can find the patterns on the EAC website:

The first is by Nicole McReavy, Communications Director for EAC:  “Stitch this easy blackwork design using one thread. Mix it up using colour. This pattern can be easily repeated to fill the width of your sampler.”

This second line for your band sampler comes from Linda Brenner – the very talented Youth Embroiderers Director for EAC.  

Linda says: “I love Celtic patterns and chose the intertwining ribbon for the top and bottom of my band. And of course, the best flower to go with the Celtic ribbons are thistles in my favourite colour. This is appropriate because both sides of my family originally came from Scotland.” 

Rows A,D     702 — Kelly Green
Rows B,C      552 — Violet MD

Use 2 strands for cross stitches, 1 strand for back stitches

Last but certainly not least here is the third band sampler line for today provided by June Barry, the Atlantic Central Regional Director for EAC.
Each square=2 threads

“I found this written on a piece of paper with my mother’s needlework supplies and it really spoke to me.  I have wanted to stitch it for a long time, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use it as my contribution to this sampler. If I was stitching it as a band of a larger sampler, I would stitch a dividing band above and below it using a long-armed cross stitch, Smyrna crosses or even regular cross stitches.” 

– June Barry, Atlantic Central Regional Director

We hope that you will enjoy these newest additions to the Meet the Board Band Sampler and that you will check back in two weeks for the next installment!  

Happy Stitching!
This is the first of thirteen lines for the band sampler designed by the EAC executive for the membership!  This wonderful logo design was put forward by our EAC President, Beryl Burnett.  Very nicely done!

These sampler lines will be posted every two weeks for the enjoyment of all.  Please feel free to use as many of the sampler bands as you like in your Sampler, to leave any out that do not fit in with your own inspiration, and to add whatever designs of your own that you like.  Make this project your very own!

EAC is excited to see what you come up with as a finished Band Sampler and we will be looking forward to seeing the finished projects and sharing them with all EAC members. 

More on that later! 

Now get stitching and come back in two weeks to get the next three lines of the sampler!

Graph: 110 squares wide: heavy lines mark every 10 squares.
Width: 110 stitches x Height: 45 stitches

Letters:                                         DMC floss, 311 (medium navy blue)
Thimble:                                         Kreinik Blending Filament, 001
Needle:                                         Kreinik #4 Braid, 101
Rays on either side:                         Kreinik #4 Braid, 101
Logo Outline (top and bottom): Kreinik #8 Braid, 033

Letters:                         Cross stitch; half cross stitch
Needle:                         Couched braid
Top and bottom outline: Straight stitch
Rays:                         Couched braid
Outline of logo:         Back stitch
Thimble:                         Cross stitch; half cross stitch

Many possible variations can be used to complete this section. Use your imagination!

**due to some limitations within the blog, you may get a clear graph.  All these band sampler lines will be posted on the website within the next few weeks.  We will keep you posted on that.

Something exciting is happening!  

At this year’s Seminar, Stampeding Stitches in Calgary, the executive of EAC introduced themselves to individual members by handing them sampler band patterns of their own design.  

Now we want to share them with everyone!  So, starting next Tuesday, October 13th, we will be releasing designs every two weeks.  

Please join in the fun and use these designs to create your own band sampler.  

We are looking forward to seeing what your completed sampler looks like – feel free to individualize it however you like.  Now come back next week for the first design – be sure to “follow"  us so you don’t miss any!
Find out more at the Embroiderers' Association of Canada website.
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