Welcome back!  Thank you for visiting the EAC blog and I hope that you are enjoying collecting these lines for your very own Band Sampler!  We have three more patterns for you today!

This first line for your sampler is provided by Helen Bartel, our Membership Director for EAC.  If you have ever had a question about your membership and have spoken to Helen, you will already know what a gem she is and her sampler line is just as lovely as she is!

Bonnie-Lynne Ceriko is the Education Director for EAC:  “I have chosen the shoes as my motif for the EAC Board Sampler, as I have been obsessed with shoes all of my life. I love the creativity that goes into the designing of a shoe, and craftmanship as well. As my friends know, I really enjoy combining my passions – my obsession with shoes and my love of embroidery. I have stitched many projects that have a shoe theme. The two outside shoes are stitched with blackwork patterns, and I have left the middle shoe blank so that you can express your inner designer – find another blackwork pattern that you like, or even stitch it in another technique. Enjoy!”

The third pattern this week comes from Kerry Leslie, Prairie Pacific Regional Director of EAC:  “I love trying new stitches and this is a very pretty one I found lately. Enjoy!”

Band Instructions:
Work shell stitch over six threads in four journeys as follows:

1. Work vertical straight stitch over six threads, using one strand Kreinik fine braid #8; use your choice of colour. Diagram 1.

 2. Work vertical straight stitch over six threads, using two strands DMC floss. Diagram 2.

3. Gather thread groups making two back stitches over one thread in center, using two strands DMC floss. Diagram 3.

4. Working left to right, interlace one strand Kreinik braid #8, your choice of colour, through the row of back stitches without piercing fabric. Repeat from right to left in alternate manner. Diagram 4.

Have you started stitching your Band Sampler yet?  We hope that these patterns are inspiring you!  

Check back in two weeks for the next three patterns.


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