Are you ready for the patterns for three more lines in the Meet the Board Band Sampler?

(insert jpg of Dianna’s pattern)

Our first sampler line today is from Dianna Thorne, the Treasurer for EAC.  For her contribution, Dianna has provided diagrams for some miscellaneous stitches you might enjoy using for a line.

The second pattern this week is provided by Janice Routley, Heritage Appointee of EAC.  Janice has provided this pattern from the EAC Intermediate Pulled Thread Correspondence Course and and it is for the shadow work band in the centre  Leave 6 threads on each side of shadow work and do a row of satin stitch over four threads. Leave 6 threads and stitch another row of satin stitches. Add satin stitches at both ends and cut the threads against these end satin stitches and withdraw the horizontal threads. The remaining vertical threads can then be woven. A good reference book is Moyra McNeill’s Drawn Thread Embroidery.

The third pattern this time around comes from Joyce Gill, Past President of EAC: 

“My name is Joyce Gill and here is my band for the EAC Sampler 2015. I have been enjoying making Temari Balls over the last few months and thought that my band should show this. The top and bottom bands are done in Slanted Gobelin Stitch. They should be completed first as the threads for the diamond band are started and finished off in the back of these bands. The diamonds are each completed like a Herringbone Stitch. Each side is four stitches wide and is completed from inside to outside. The starburst is completed as a Half Diamond Eyelet.”

We hope you will enjoy these latest instalments in the Meet the Board Band Sampler! 

Please come back in two weeks’ time to get the next set of patterns.

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