Well, the easy answer is PPRD is not an it – it is a she (although it can be a he) and right now it is me!  

My name is Kerry Leslie and I have the pleasure of being in my second term on the EAC Board in the position of Prairie Pacific Regional Director (PPRD).  

Personally, I think a blog post without photos is a boring blog post so throughout this post you will see photos from my files – just so you can get to know me a bit better while you are getting to know more about the Regional Director position by reading the text.

As EAC grew, it was decided that it would be a help to the EAC Board if Regional Directors were put in place to lighten the workload and two were instituted:  Atlantic Central Regional Director and Prairie Pacific Regional Director.  The Atlantic Central Regional Director is currently June Barry and she takes care of the chapters from Ontario east to Newfoundland.  As PPRD, I act as liaison for the chapters between British Columbia and Manitoba and north to include the Territories.  Until recently, we also took care of the National Members within our regions but a new position has been created for National Member Representatives.  This new position is greatly enhancing the EAC experience for National Members.  

So, what do I do as PPRD?  The primary responsibility of the Regional Directors is communication.  We liaison between the EAC Board and the Chapters in our regions, arrange the location and date of the Regional Meetings and set the agenda in consultation with the Chapters.  We gather the annual Chapter Reports and circulate them and coordinate the billets, travel and other information between the Hosting Chapter and the attending representatives. We send out and receive applications for chapter funding to attend the meetings and act as Chair for the Regional Meeting and make sure that the Minutes of the Meeting are sent out in a timely manner.  When a member of the EAC Executive needs something from the chapters, we as Regional Directors chase down the information, nagging you unmercifully until we get it.

my favourite grandson!

Each Chapter in my region that has a newsletter sends them to me and I make sure that they get into the EAC Archives, and are forwarded to the Webmaster for inclusion on the EAC site.  I forward them to the National Representatives (who forward them to their National Members), the Atlantic Central Regional Director (who forwards them to all the chapters down east) and to all the EAC Board Members.  

I also make sure copies go out to all the Chapters in the Prairie Pacific Region.  So, as you can see, your newsletter gets a lot of mileage and ends up reaching every EAC member – something you can mention to your advertisers!  

I love exploring different stitches and enjoy writing articles for Embroidery Canada
 about different stitches and their variations

Any news sent out from EAC to the Chapters comes through the Regional Directors.  We try to keep all the chapters alerted to any changes or news that will affect them.  We also liaison between the Chapters themselves – recently I was pleased to send out an email about open registrations for a chapter workshop – it is always great to be able to share this type of information and I make sure the National Member Representatives receive it as well because the National Members really appreciate the chance to take workshops at one of the chapters.

The Regional Directors attend a two day Board Meeting each year at the beginning of Seminar and jointly host the Combined Regional Meeting one evening during Seminar. We attend a number of online Board meetings throughout the year as well.   We are also members of the Nominating Committee for EAC, conducting interviews of nominated candidates for the EAC Board.  June and I are also active Board members with all that entails – taking on different tasks and projects as the need arises.

This year June and I undertook the big job of doing a chapter survey to determine what direction EAC should be moving in to best meet the needs of the members.  I am sure many of you remember filling out that massive survey in your chapter – just imagine compiling all those results into a readable document.  Whew!  
my family and me - they are just as goofy as I am!
The benefits of taking on this position?  You will gain a wonderful understanding and appreciation of this national organization of ours.  You get to work hand in hand with the other Board members to continually improve the experiences of all of in this Canadian stitching family.  You will be “in the know” about all the new developments coming up and there are so many!  Exciting innovations like the first EAC Virtual Chapter, new correspondence courses, and nationwide group projects are just a few I have seen in my term.

If you would like a similar rewarding experience, 
I encourage you to consider applying for this position
 when it comes up – you won’t regret it!


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