by Linda Brenner

It's really weird how the creative process works with me. Sometimes I get a lot of great ideas one after another and other times, I can go weeks without any good ideas. Same goes for writing these blog posts. I have been thinking for two months about what I should write and nothing came up until five minutes ago.

Virtual Threads has a database for UFOs that you want to finish in 2016. Here are a couple of the projects I signed in with and what I'm doing with them.

WIP Save the Stitches - Blackwork Sampler with Elizabeth Almond

I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it on Elizabeth Almond's website. I saved all the pdfs (which were free) and I was lucky enough to have all the supplies on hand, except for the gold, silver and copper beads. I started working on it and was able to finish Blocks 1-4 and was partially into Block 5 when I had to set it aside for Christmas and birthday deadlines. This is where I stopped.

Progress on Save the Stitches - Blackwork Sampler with Elizabeth Almond
With Christmas done, I picked it up again and finished Blocks 5-7 and put in the outline for Block 8. I find this relaxing to work on and love the gold, silver and copper accents among the black.

WIP Phoenix - Goldwork kit from Tanja Berlin
I just love dragons and phoenixes, so when I saw this kit by Tanja Berlin, I just had to buy it. I put in the tracing right away, finished couching the phoenix's body and started the tail feathers. This also had to be set aside for other deadlines and I haven't got back to it yet.

The other four items on my UFO list are First Snow, a Virtual Threads e-course taught by Carolyn Mitchell; Sparkling Star from Needlepointers Magazine, September 2015 issue; Sedona Soleil, Seminar 2015 course taught by Lorene Salt; and, Sense of Taste petit point kit from I just love all of these designs and if I had eight more hours in the day, they'd be finished by now!


  1. Good luck on finishing your UFOs Linda :)

  2. A lovely post and pictures Linda. Your stitching is beautifully done.

  3. Thanks for sharing your WIPs Linda. I have the supplies for Blackwork Journey - I've been holding off to finish the pieces I've actually started to stitch. Your progress inspires me to get my WIPs finished off so I can make a start on it .


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