by Marie Cron 

The final hours of January are ticking away as I put the finishing touches on this chat with you, and the lengthening days are beginning to be readily noticeable, with twilight lasting much longer, especially in the evening, but when it fades to dusk, night arrives quickly. The lengthening twilight makes for some interesting lighting on the snow which are perfect for needle felting images.

In the fall I had mentioned I wanted to get back to needle felting, especially clouds; I have decided to put the clouds on hold for now and focus on some of the winter images I have. Clouds will follow closer to spring.

You can see one of the images (above) that I am working on, it just needs some stitching to embellish/enhance it and it will be done.

I have selected the images I want to work with, the glitter of the sun off the ice will pose a bit of a challenge but I am sure with some experimentation I will come up with something I am happy with, the wind pattern in the snow is intriguing and I think I will start with that one.

Will you be participating in any of the exchanges floating around EAC? The EAC scissor fob exchange or perhaps if you are a member of Virtual Threads, the cyber chapter exchange?

My chapter, Alderney Needlearts Guild is hosting the scissor fob exchange, the deadline is the end of April, so if you have not yet made a definite decision, there is still time to get your bits and pieces left over from past projects and make one. It is always such fun to get something in the mail from a fellow stitcher.

Seminar 2016 is quickly approaching, by now everyone who has registered will have received their class information. Although there are some classes that have been filled there are still some classes with spaces, perhaps this is the year for You to attend Seminar?

Time to sign off for this time, wishing you happy stitching until the next time.


  1. Lovely needle felting Marie! I find myself sitting on my porch a lot, even in the winter, looking at the sky, trees and weather and thinking: How can I replicate this in fibre? You have answered the question!

  2. Thanks for sharing with us, Marie. I have played around with wet and nuno felting but haven't played with the tools I have for needle felting - yet! Your scene inspires me to pull out my roving and needles.

  3. Beautifully done needle felting Marie. I really enjoy both wet and needle felting and have recently taken to resist dyeing felt which is a lot of great fun.


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