by Pat Keppler
Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts

What has approximately 30,929 stitches and is complete.  My first PHD (Project Half Done).Hurrah!!
Pat with her completed PHD
On February 28th, I finally finished my Lake Louise PHD (Project Half Done). I can't even remember when I started this project. It has traveled a lot with me; it has been to Tucson a couple of times and has gone camping with me and for many drives into the country with my husband. I know that I bought it from the Beehive stitching store that was down by Chinook Centre. Those that remember that store know it burned down a long time ago.

Finishing this project is a bit bittersweet, it has been like an old friend who knows all my secrets and never complains if I don't work on it, it is always there just waiting  patiently for me to pick it up. When I joined the CGNFA they proposed a PHD program to finish the projects that don't seem to get done. This is one I chose because I felt I really needed to finish it.

A holiday in Tucson is conducive to lots of stitching.

So thank you Lake Louise for being there for me and now all I need to do is, clean you and get you framed. I promise to do that when I get back to Calgary. So now while I say good bye to this project I now say, "time to work on you, Celtic Banner, you have been sitting in my closet way too long".


  1. This is a lovely piece Pat. If going to Tucson is the way to get stitching done, it seems that I'll need to take a trip soon!

  2. Way to go Pat! Lake Louise is a beautiful finish!

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