by Sue Thomas
EAC Brazilian Group Correspondence Course
Many things shape our lives. This starts with friendships as we grow up, and progresses to career choices and life partners chosen.

My life so far has included many different experiences and places lived. Along the way, I have always had my very portable stitching hobby. In the early days, I stitched from books and magazines and the kits that were so popular in the 1970s. During the years that my children grew, I continued to stitch and sew using whatever resources were available.

Mountmellick Class: Sackville Seminar
taught by Pam Cousins
Imagine my delight when in 2000 I discovered the organization EAC. Even better, that we could start a chapter where I lived in northern Saskatchewan. Pine Needle Arts Guild led to friendships with women in my small town that I would not have met if it had not been for this chapter.

I had always stitched, but now I had so much more available to me. I took group correspondence classes, I did an individual course, I took the first cyber classes offered and also discovered Seminar. Over the years I have tried many techniques, some I return to regularly, some I tried only once.

EAC has provided me with ongoing learning experiences and life long friendships. I believe that we get out of an organization what we put into it. This means I have been active at different levels of EAC over the years.

A bird stitched from a project in EC magazine
With today’s technology, there are courses, websites and blogs available to stitchers without belonging to EAC. Yes, I take cyber courses from some of these sites and could manage my stitching hobby without belonging to EAC now.

Will I give up on EAC? No, certainly not! I love receiving Embroidery Canada magazine, being able to keep up with EAC happenings online and I would not want to miss Seminar where I meet old friends and make new ones. Besides, I certainly still have lots to learn from the wonderful teachers EAC provides.
Seminar, Kingston: Class with Sue Goodman

I do not always enjoy everything I read or like all the decisions made, but EAC is an organization that has to meet the needs of all of its members not just me.

At different times in our lives we need different experiences and have to make different choices. For my part, I choose to stay a member of EAC as long as I can.
Kookaburra: Regina Stitchery Guild
taught by Gary Clarke


  1. I share many of your sentiments and my favourite part of being a member is sharing with other EAC members. I enjoy both my face-to-face guild, Norfolk's Own Needle Arts Guild, and my Virtual Threads guild.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on what EAC means to you. Like any large organization, it is not perfect. I believe the best way to make changes to improve an organization is to become more involved in it - EAC is no different! Jump into the People Pool, your Chapter executive or a Board position and help take EAC to new heights!

  3. Well said Sue,
    However on a positive note, for a relatively young organization, only about 35 years old when I received the Chapter President binder and read through it, I was struck by the many policies the organization had developed in the short time of its existence, and as you will recall, as new issues emerged, we developed policies to keep up with the changing times.
    Like any other organization, it is the best of its collective with a bit of 'I don't agree with this' thrown in for good measure, but all in all, EAC is a great place to meet new friends while learning new techniques. I am looking forward to many more years of membership.


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