Pat Keppler
Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts 
Originally published in The Frayed Edge

Every time I would go to the sewing fairs and stop at the Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts table and listen to them talk about becoming part of the group, and every time I left I said I should join. But by the time I got home it was but a small memory of the whole day that faded.

This went on for a lot of years. When I was on a retreat that the Stitching Corner put on, they talked about their Guild and then I thought I should look up the Calgary one again. So I did and contacted them and was invited to the pot luck, however I couldn’t make it but I thought I should join the group in September but I wasn’t sure I would really do it. Is my work good enough? This question I asked myself a lot.

In July, my Dad passed away and being the executor I was swamped with this duty however the closer September I thought I really should join the group. If I put it off again I would never do it so I decided to bite the bullet and join. I also enlisted my friend Jane to join with me.

I was really nervous to go to the first meeting, would this be like high school where all the people sat in their own little groups and there would be no room for new comers?

My first meeting was in September and Jane and I were welcomed into the group. Members came up and introduced themselves to us and we felt welcomed. I didn’t know what to expect but it was really fun.

I loved the show and tell where we could see all the beautiful work people had done. There is a shopping area where you can buy something someone else does not want with a donation to the Guild. There is an actual meeting and presentations.

One should not be afraid to think that what you do is not good enough it is about the love for what you do that shows through. If you can’t stitch but can knit or crochet or quilt, this is the group for you, it is all about keeping the art of handwork alive.

I am really happy I decided to stop procrastinating and try something new. Thank you to the CGNFA for being there, I look forward to many years of being part of an organization that keeps our art alive.


  1. Pat - I am so happy that you decided to take the leap and join the guild. We are happy to have you there with us!

  2. I am glad you are enjoying the guild and making new friends.


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