Detail of a Round Robin Sampler
Some of us come into an embroidery guild after having stitched on our own for a long time. There are always lots of new terms, including the actual names of techniques we may have only guessed at or have been pronouncing improperly. Another “new language” is the language of acronyms. Here are just a few that come up at meetings and online:
  • LNS - Local Needlework Shop
  • ORT - Old Raggedy/Ratty Threads or Odd/Orphaned Random Threads
  • PHD - Project Half Done
  • RAK - Random Act of Kindness
  • RR - Round Robin (a project passed from person to person, each doing some “work” on the project, until completed and returned to the owner)
  • SAL - Stitch ALong
  • SIG - Special Interest Group
  • STASH - Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden
  • TOAD - Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust
  • UFO - UnFinished Object
  • WIP - Work In Progress


  1. I even learned a few new ones them !

  2. A few on the list that I haven't heard of. Thanks for the lesson.

  3. There are some here that are new on me!

  4. my favorite is SABLE:
    stash accumulated beyond life expectancy!

  5. What happened to SABLE? As Mary Margaret agrees, it is the best.

  6. Yes, SABLE is certainly applicable to me!

  7. What? No UFO's? (Un-finished objects)

  8. My DH refers to my WIPs as MIPs. Masterpieces in Progress.

  9. Agree with the others that you are missing UFOs, SABLE, and of course SEX (Stash Enhancement eXperience).
    But ort is wrong, it isn't an acronym at all, it's an old word (Latin, IIRC), that means "a scrap or morsel left over" or something similar.
    Fun list though!


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