by Marie Cron

I have known Marie for many years through Guiding, before I joined EAC. While I've been in touch with her over the past several months, I mentioned that this would be my first Seminar and I’d like to have her advice about packing and other information that a “newbie” needs. She offered help me out and share with anyone else in my situation on the blog. Thanks to the members of Virtual Threads who have provided some additional pointers. 

In one short month we will all have our suitcases packed or almost packed. So it's time to begin the process of thinking about what will be going into those suitcases.

For part one, I will concentrate on the ‘other’ things needed (not stitching related).

The residences have kitchens, but… those kitchens are not stocked with dishes or cutlery. There are microwaves, so it would be a good idea that whatever you bring in terms of mugs and plates are microwave safe. There is no meal plan at Seminar this year. There are shopping options not far from the residence; so many will elect to shop for breakfast foods, so bring dishes and cutlery for whatever foods you may choose to purchase. 

Bedding and towels are provided.

Clothing, what to wear: although this is the never-ending question in the context of Seminar you will see everything imaginable, from the ‘dressed up’ folks at the banquet to those who prefer the more comfortable casual style of dressing. So… anything goes and you should pack with comfort in mind, especially footwear. The campus is advertised as having everything “close” but we should remember that the descriptions are written for those much younger than some of us, so pack comfortable foot wear (nothing is right if your feet hurt).

No matter the weather forecast, remember… this is Canada and ‘anything goes’ when it comes to weather. Last year in Calgary I woke to snow on the ground the morning after my arrival and my footwear was Birkenstocks only! Brrr, fortunately a friend loaned me a couple of pairs of socks, and yes indeed I did wear socks with sandals! Remember comfort trumps fashion.

Bring clothing to dress in layers so if it is warm you can take a bit off and if it is cool you can add. A scarf can always double as a shawl to keep cool temperatures or breezes off your shoulders.

Your apartment will not be stocked with clothes hangers so put a few in your suitcase, suitable for the clothing you are packing. If you are stressed by wrinkles, a small travel iron will not go unused.

Toiletries: for the week at Seminar do you really need that large bottle of shampoo?! Consider purchasing small travel size bottles for liquids, they will take less space, weight less (which is a consideration if you are traveling by air) and as well for getting your suitcase to its destination in your room. Many are sensitive to scented products, from shampoo, spray on perfume and lotions. Please select your toiletries from the wide range of non-scented products available. No one wants to be the reason why someone in our class becomes ill and can not finish Seminar.

Communicating when you are away from home: although it is a break from home, we do like to keep in touch, so telephones, iPads, lap tops, whatever your preferred method of keeping in touch would be good to pack. While on the topic of technology, cameras are always  good to have, photos of table groupings, friends and activities are always great memories to bring home. Remember you will not be able to take photos of the pieces on display. Some teachers do not object to photos being taken during breaks in classes, however you should always ask the teacher and others in the class who might also be included in the image you are capturing. Don’t forget the chargers for your electronics.

First time at Seminar? When traveling to Seminar solo, remember there are no strangers in the embroidery world, only friends we have not yet met. There is an opening reception on Tuesday evening, registration day, a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to others, include the fact that you are attending your first Seminar. The rest will follow from there and you will leave Seminar with many new friends you have met in person.

My suitcase is ready, the next few weeks will see it fill, bit by bit, packing from my personal list.

The next installment on this topic will focus on your stitching related supplies. Until then, happy stitching!


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