Sometimes we hear a word in the middle of a stitching conversation that leaves us scratching our heads. Here are a few that may have that effect on you:

FROG - un-sewing or picking out stitches, from the sound of a frog’s croaking - rip it, rip it
CONFETTI - name for single stitches of many different colors
PARKING - putting threaded needle(s) aside in the outer margins of a project to be picked up later, when the same fibre is used again in the project
STITCH BUDDY - pet that "helps" you stitch by sitting on, in, or near materials
NEEDLE MINDER - two-part, usually decorative, magnetic item attached to your fabric to hold your needle(s)

Do you have any others that you've heard? Add them to the comments to help a stitcher out!


  1. PhD - project half done
    WIP - work in progress
    UFO - UnFinished Object
    The ones I know seem to reflect the fact I don't get a lot finished but I get a lot started! lol

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  3. See the acronym post from last month for those. Be sure to check out the comments for some new ones, too!


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