Once again, Marie Cron has compiled a useful post for those of us who are Seminar newbies. Do you know of any other items that you think I should add to my bag? Here's Marie with Part 2:

The Excitement Mounts! Here we are only two weeks from Seminar, and some of us will already be on site.

Class Supplies

It is now time to think of the stitching supplies needed for the classes. We all received our class information email the end of January, three months ago, “how, oh how were we going to wait!?” And now here we are, ready for final packing.

We will all receive a kit with supplies for our classes. However there are things we do have to provide. The specifics are in the lists we received with our Seminar confirmation information.

Class  Supplies to Pack
I need both stretcher bars and a hoop for my classes, and what else, … 
  • magnifier
  • light
  • gold work cutting mat
  • regular scissors
  • scissors*
  • tacks to hold the fabric/canvas in place on the stretcher bars
  • clamps or weights
  • laying tools
  • needle gripper
  • pen and note book
  • pins
  • magnetic needle keep** 

* If you are taking a gold work class and do not have metal thread scissors, bring an old pair of embroidery scissors to cut the metal threads, because they will be dulled a bit and no longer give you that sharp, crisp cut to your threads after using them on metal threads. Metal thread scissors are serrated along one edge, so the metal thread does not slip when you are cutting it, I consider mine to be a good investment.

** If you are not familiar with this little treasure it is a place to park your needle, two pieces, one below the fabric and one on top, with a magnet on both pieces, it will keep your needles in place when not in use without having to pierce your fabric or distort the threads on canvas.

More class supplies to pack!

If this is your first Seminar you will receive a name tag pouch, if you have been to a previous Seminar, pack one you received at a previous Seminar, otherwise what you will be issued will be a plain plastic one.

Shopping and Paying

Don’t forget there will be a wonderful opportunity to purchase from some of the teachers and others who are there for one night only; Merchant Mall will take place on Thursday evening. Some will be set up to take credit or debit, some Canadian vendors will take cheques however some teachers from outside Canada will only accept cash. Consider your budget and plan accordingly. There are ATMs on campus so you will not have to carry the cash for the days prior to the event.

And … what is any gathering without food? There is no meal plan at Seminar this year, but there are several food establishments where food can be purchased, consider how you will want to pay for these purchases when you plan your spending pattern.

My last tip for packing is to work from a list, listing everything from how many pairs of socks, underwear, tops, pants, shoes, night clothes and anything else you will need for your comfort during the week of Seminar. I have my list and I am partially packed.

See you at Seminar… and until then,
Happy Stitching

Marie Cron


  1. Another good post with lots of useful information. I didn't even think about using scissors with a serrated edge for cutting the metal in gold work. I've been using an old pair of scissors but I do have some with a serrated edge. I have enough experience cutting metal threads to know that the serrated edge will give me more precision. Definitely adding those to my bag!

  2. Great suggestions. I also bring some plastic baggies. These are good for storing food in the fridge as well as organizing threads in class. For the kitchenette, I bring plate, mug, cutlery, tea towel, dish cloth and dish detergent in small leak-proof container. If traveling by air,I bring disposable items (paper plates, plastic cutlery, etc.)--that leaves room for stash enhancement in my luggage. Looking forward to seeing you at seminar. Nancy in Montreal

  3. Wonderful suggestions! I have just looked at the calendar and can't believe Seminar is finally almost here - it seems like I have been waiting forever! Thank you for the suggestions with regard to what to bring regarding meals - very good ideas.


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