by Fran Vidal

yellow flower with a red centre and several green shaded leaves, stitched with long and short stitch
Random Seminar 2016 Photo
Alison Cole WIP
Seminar 2016 was a first time experience for me. As an introvert, I don’t usually do well away from home for long periods of time. I had a fantastic roommate whom I had never met before and we found we had a lot in common, software programming, early riser, early to bed, and eat healthy. Everyone at Seminar were very welcoming, everybody was included in all the activities, nobody was left on their own. It didn’t matter if you had never met the person before, you were welcomed to the table. There was a large variety of places to have meals and even early breakfast at Tim Hortons at 7 a.m.

There is a large variety of classes, techniques etc. The teachers were very accommodating, patient and professional. Seminar central was the place to ask questions and get directions. The boutique had 3 major vendors and you were able to find just about everything there and if they didn’t have it, you could order it. The Vendors Mall was a great success, lots to look at and buy to enhance your stash whether it was books, fabrics or threads.

I took classes for five days and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It is an experience that everybody should try at least once. If you don’t think you can afford it, make sure you apply for a scholarship. There are a total of four scholarships available, one from Virtual Threads and three from EAC. As a scholarship recipient, you are guaranteed first choice in your classes and it also includes the cost of activities, such as AGM luncheon, the Banquet and the reception BBQ.

I am already planning on how I can go again, either next year in Newfoundland or Prince Edward Island in 2018.

(Editor's Note: Fran has already signed up for Seminar 2017: Rock, Needles, Scissors!)


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