submitted by Leslie Burrows
Stitch-in Chair, 3rd Maritime Stitch-In

At the third annual Maritime Stitch-in in Truro, September 10th, random packets of donated crewel wool and pieces of canvas were given out to those interested in a Needle Book Challenge. The end of October was given as a deadline and below you will see the results. We have very talented and imaginative embroiderers who love to practice their art and take on any challenge. Thanks go out to those who answered the challenge and to those who wanted to but life got in the way!

embroidered canvas in gold, brown and blues
Marie-France Breton

embroidered canvas worked in a variety of filled squares in green, pink and burgundy
Sheila Stewart

Beverly Parsons: I had finished the Bargello piece the Tuesday after the stitch-in. I did the flame stitch with the Hungarian point. Couldn't send it as I'm having camera problems. (Use your imagination!! – L)

worked in a bargello pattern with blues and pinks
Peggy Paddon

sqaure needle book worked on canvas, yellow, pink, burgundy, blue, cream, purple
Janet Copeland

square folding needle book with a bargello/flamr pattern on the back and a series of diamond patterns on the front, colours are blues, pinks/burgundies
Lyn Young

canvas work embroidered needle book with pumpkins and vines growing up a fence on the front, the back has as square filling stitch, colours are cream, orange and greens
Karen Hennessy
square folded needle book, canvas work embroidery in blues and cream
Wendy MacPhee

embroidered canvas work round needle book in greens and cream
Jocelyn Keeping


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